Kyle Downey

Lies, damn lies and benchmarks

Solaris workstation vs. MacOS laptop speed test

This makes no sense.

On most single-threaded benchmarks the workstation outperforms the Core i7 in the MacBook Air; this is not surprising given the Xeons are at 2.7 GHz and the i7 at 2 GHz. But on multi-threaded code and NIO, the little laptop whups the 12-core workstation.

The multithreading I think I understand. The . . .

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February 07, 2015


Up and running with Solaris x86

With the Live CD issues sorted out, the installation was quite painless: double-click the installer on the desktop, indicate it could reformat the whole SSD disk, and away we go. The Package Manager made it easy to bolt on Java 8 and git, and tomorrow will download code and try a compile and run some of the benchmarks developed originally on . . .

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February 07, 2015

Das Boot

New server arrived

The refurbished HP Z800 arrived today in good condition. I hooked up an old keyboard and monitor and attempted to boot an Oracle Solaris x86 Live CD. It crashed when starting the installer and kicked me into single-user mode. Turns out it pays to read the Hardware Compatibility List entry carefully; Solaris x86 does not like the RAID+AHCP for . . .

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February 05, 2015

Server build

Setting up a Solaris x86 server

Based on the old email registration the last time I ordered hardware through NewEgg was at least 10 years ago, before we lived in China and maybe even while I was still working for HBO.

I ordered a refurbished HP Z800 with dual hex-core Xeons, 24 GB, a 256 GB SSD, plus a pair of 3 TB Seagate Barracuda SATA II drives. I will be trying . . .

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January 31, 2015

Chronicle, RAM disks and SSD

Mechanical sympathy applies to solid-state

I tested Chronicle Queue 3.2.1 with three disk types on an i7 MacBook
Air -- in part to try and answer for myself the question in Peter Lawrey's FAQ
about whether the disk write included in Chronicle was consequential.
I used the for this purpose, and pointed it

  • NAS HDD - . . .

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January 10, 2015

Objects as views

Code generation, SDO and zero GC collections

I came across C24's SDO the other day. It takes a very different approach to dealing with the problems of stop-the-world GC and memory bloat. It uses code generation to allow accessors to a compressed byte array with natural getters and setters as well as operations on the data, so it can represent large, complex objects with the minimum . . .

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January 10, 2015